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За литургическия състав на старобългарските изборни евангелия
On the Liturgical Composition of the Old Bulgarian Gospel Lectionaries

Author(s): Elissaveta Moussakova
Subject(s): Language studies
Published by: Институт за литература - BAN

Summary/Abstract: ON THE LITURGICAL COMPOSITION OF THE OLD BULGARIAN GOSPEL LECTIONARIES ELISSAVETA MOUSSAKOVA (SOFIA) (S u m m a r y ) The source of this article is a work in progress on the ornamental marking of the liturgical content in Gospel lectionaries acknowledged as Bulgarian. Here the observations are limited to the arrangement of the lecture-cycles with variable position in the Old Bulgarian manuscripts Codex Assemanianus (As), Vatican Palimpsest (Vat), and Book of Priest Sava (Sav). The Passion Gospels in As and Sav follow the readings on Maundy Thursday, while in Vat they follow the Menologion. At the same time the liturgical address of the cycle in As points to a tradition different from that testified by Vat and Sav. A critical survey of the edition of Vat permits to argue that the Hours make no part of the extant text. Possibly, the cycle once followed the Menologion together with the Passion Gospels. If true, Vat must be considered as the predecessor of a small group of Bulgarian lectionaries showing the same cycle. Without pretending to be complete, parallels to Greek lectionaries are given along with the cases under discussion, though they should also be subjected to further analyses. The arrangement of the Morning Resurrection and the Passion Gospels in Vat is comparable to Vat. Gr. 353, a codex with intriguing history. It has been claimed that the distribution of the cycles with changeable position in the Gospel lectionary has no relevance to the textological or liturgical recension of the copies. Nevertheless, searching among the Byzantine Gospel lectionaries for compositional analogues of the Bulgarian versions is reasonable insofar as it might disclose the sources of the earliest Slavonic version of this book.

  • Issue Year: 2009
  • Issue No: 41-42
  • Page Range: 114-120
  • Page Count: 7
  • Language: Bulgarian