Two unpublished poems on the battle of Banjaluka from Kadić's Chronicle Cover Image

Dvije neobjavljene pjesme o banjalučkom boju iz Kadićeve Hronike
Two unpublished poems on the battle of Banjaluka from Kadić's Chronicle

Author(s): Lamija Hadžiosmanović
Subject(s): Literary Texts
Published by: Orijentalni Institut u Sarajevu

Summary/Abstract: In the well-known Kadić Chronicle consisting of twentyeight voliumes {the autograph is kept in the Gazi Husrevbeg Library in Sarajevo), the author has a!lso found these two poems. The first one is a chrono-verse panagyric dedicated to the commander in the Battle of Banja Luka, Hekim oglu, 'Ali-paša, composed by Abdullah Kantamiri-zade of Sarajevo. The poet composed this eulogy in twenty distychs iiil the most frequently used meter: Fa'ilatun Fa'ilatun Fa'ilun. The poem has all the characteristics of divan poetry and as far as its form is concerned it is beyond reproach. It is written in Turkish with a lot of customary Arabic and Persian constructions and expressions. The poet's view of Ali-pasha goes beyond the limits of the objective facts and therefore deviates considerably from history. The second poem was recorded as the work of an unknown author. It greatly differs from Kantamiri-zade's poem in both form and style. It is simpler and more understandable. In form, and especially in language, it reminds one of folk poetry. These elements made it porpular and it is surpposed that it was sung by common people as well. The poet speaks mainly about the battle, devoting to 'Ali-paša Hekim-oglu a reasonable and objective amount of space. The poet's attitude to historical facts is much more realistic. The poem contains twenty quadristichs in a fairly correct Turkish, without a flowery style or expressions.

  • Issue Year: 1976
  • Issue No: 22-23
  • Page Range: 315-327
  • Page Count: 13
  • Language: Bosnian