Aspects of Romanian written media from Banat before the Great Unification Cover Image

Aspecte din presa românească bănățeană până la Marea Unire
Aspects of Romanian written media from Banat before the Great Unification

Author(s): Petrescu Camil
Subject(s): History, Media studies, 19th Century
Published by: Editura Mega Print SRL
Keywords: Banat; Timișoara; press; journal; intelectual;

Summary/Abstract: The beginning of Romanian periodicals in Banat region appeared after the written media in the provinces of Tara Romaneasca and Moldavia, a delay due to the historical, social, political and economical conditions in Banat.Media becomes mainly an expression of the Romanian culture, an instrument of cultural affirmation. The book and the newspaper were spread through chorus performances, through musical reunions and theatrical performances; thus, artists used to spread information published in different newspapers (intense propaganda was made in this respect).Media becomes an intellectual profession, permanent, not only occasional, which proves a high level of culture, of information and it also becomes an instrument of rising national spirit within the struggle for different social and cultural desiderata. Most of published articles sustained the peasants’ social and economical rights, the raising of the standard of life in Banat, the organization of educational courses; they also present the burden of debts and fiscal obligations, abuses and unloyalties of governing authorities. All the aforesaid problems are analyzed and much debated in the media.Most of newspapers and magazines are general and publish different topics of the time. A special characteristic for the written media in Timisoara area is the fact that a few village papers appeared (simply edited, for popular understanding, sometimes in the village areas). After the First World War, newspapers written and even edited by villagers are found, which proves the cultural level of villagers in the Banat region, at the time.

  • Issue Year: 2022
  • Issue No: XXVII
  • Page Range: 121-134
  • Page Count: 14
  • Language: Romanian
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