Seventh Day of Creation – Foundation of Human Freedom Cover Image

Seventh Day of Creation – Foundation of Human Freedom

Author(s): Beniamin Laurențiu Chircan
Subject(s): Christian Theology and Religion, Biblical studies
Published by: Editions IARSIC
Keywords: seventh day; Sabbath; creation; freedom; rest; being vs. doing;

Summary/Abstract: In this study I investigate the relationship between the seventh day of creation and freedom. The freedom of the human being begins with God’s freedom. The act of creation represents the foundation of the world’s existence and the biblical model for understanding it. God’s ceasing working on the seventh day is a statement of His nature and freedom. He can be without do. „To be” is the essence of God, and this „being” is seen in relationship with the created world. Time is honored over space, by its blessing and sanctification. This creative act of the seventh day, by which God puts Himself in relation with the world becomes the inauguration of all existence. Regarding the humans, God elevates them to a closer stage of proximity with His Presence, in the Garden of Eden.By applying this proximity in space to the time, we discover that the seventh day, the Sabbath, as it is called later, is the corresponding time framework for this closer stage of the divine-human relationship. Thus, the Sabbath is revealed as a token of freedom and a token of relationship. By respecting the limits and the character of the Sabbath, the humans can bring themselves into the intended relationship with the Creator and with the other fellow humans. Strongly connected to the theme of freedom, the Sabbath teaches us to see ourselves and each other more than providers of goods and services, but as free beings that enjoy life and respect each other. By means of the Sabbath, the humans share in God’s freedom.

  • Issue Year: 9/2021
  • Issue No: 3
  • Page Range: 31-47
  • Page Count: 17
  • Language: Romanian