The Axiological Portrait of Quality and its Standard (Based on Comparative Phraseography) Cover Image
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The Axiological Portrait of Quality and its Standard (Based on Comparative Phraseography)
The Axiological Portrait of Quality and its Standard (Based on Comparative Phraseography)

Author(s): Valery Mikhailovich Mokienko, Tatiana Alexandrovna Nikitina
Subject(s): Phraseology
Published by: Akadémiai Kiadó
Keywords: Russian; Czech; phraseology; phraseography; set similеs; linguoaxiology; a comparative dictionary; a comparison standard; evaluative connotations

Summary/Abstract: The paper presents the concept of a comparative topical dictionary of set similes, which allows to fully reflect the axiological parameters of phraseological material. The choice of the object of vocabulary description which is set similes (comparative phraseological units) is justified by their direct correlation with the category of evaluation and the individual value system. It is emphasized that in the act of phraseological nomination, axiologically oriented is the choice of the object of comparison that requires evaluation, and the image of comparison that refers the native speaker and the researcher to the sphere of origin of the turnover, to its history. These phraseological parameters have been thoroughly investigated on the material of various languages. However, bilingual dictionaries do not give a complete picture of the evaluative phraseological universals and the ethnocultural specifics of phraseological comparisons. A bilingual dictionary of a special type will help solve this problem, realizing the idea of parallel-contrastive representation of the material, which determines the relevance of our research presented in this article on the material of the Russian and Czech languages. The article deals with such theoretical issues of phraseology as the axiological potential of a comparative phraseological unit, the paradigmatics of the axiological space of comparative phraseology, axiological characteristics of the comparison standard, etc. Referring to the dictionary entries formed within the framework of the concept, the feasibility of multi-directional linguoaxiological development of set similes in two sections of the comparative dictionary has been proved: from the general phraseological image to the meaning of phraseological units and their axiological orientation as well as from the meaning of a phraseological unit to methods of associative-figurative transmission of evaluative connotations. In the first case, the phrase-forming potential of the figurative cores representing the model manifestations of the evaluated attributes is revealed, while ethnoculturally determined discrepancies of the axiological charge of the image are commented on. In the second case, the attribute itself is characterized from the standpoint of its practical significance for speakers of different linguistic cultures. A model of parallel-contrasting dictionary macro-entry structuring is presented: the filling of parametric zones, the features of metalanguage use, and the graphic ways of displaying types of figurative-axiological correspondences.

  • Issue Year: 66/2021
  • Issue No: 1
  • Page Range: 101-114
  • Page Count: 14
  • Language: English