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Петнаест година Дејтонског споразума
Fifteen Years Of The Dayton Agreement

Author(s): Author Not Specified
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences
Published by: Nova srpska politička misao
Keywords: Dayton Agreement

Summary/Abstract: Svetozar Stojanović A Word of Introduction ... 135 Milorad Dodik Original Principles of the Dayton Agreement and their Revision ... 136 Duško Dimitrijević A Word of Welcome ... 153 Đuro Kovačеvić Welcome Letter from the President of Republika Srpska Mr. Rajko Kuzmanović ... 154 Dobrica Ćosić Republika Srpska – a Paradigm of Realistic Policy ... 155 Blagoje S. Babić One Nation on Different Banks of the Drina River ... 157 Nikola B. Popović A Third Entity de facto Exists ... 159 Čedomir Antić Republika Srpska as a Role Model of National Struggle . 161 Obrad Kesić USA, Europe and Dayton peace Agreement ... 165 Slavko Mitrović About the Disintegration of the Socialist federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Serbian Policy and the Role of Turkey in Bosnia and Herzegovina ... 169 Milorad Dodik A State Cannot Be Made on Short Notice ... 175 Vojislav Mitić Uncertain Destiny of the Dayton Agreement ... 179 Branko Balj Fifteen Years after the Dayton Agreement ... 183 Željko Vujadinović Srebrenica Declaration in Serbian Parliament – for or against it? ... 185 Slobodan Nagradić Changing the Constitution is not in the Interest of Republika Srpska ... 192 Slobodan Samardžić Republika Srpska – Necessity of Its Survival in European Integrations ... 195 Radmila Nakarada An Attempt to Relativize the Dayton Agreement ... 208 Aleksa Buha Republika Srpska and Foreign Pressure ... 211 Đorđe Vuković Political Maturity ... 216 Đuro Kovačević Dayton Agreement – Defending of Elementary Rights of the Serbian People ... 219

  • Issue Year: 19/2011
  • Issue No: Special ed
  • Page Range: 133-221
  • Page Count: 89
  • Language: Serbian