Q. How can I participate and include my journals and/or eBooks in CEEOL?

For the evaluation procedure please complete and submit the online e-journals form or the online e-books form.

Q. What are the selection criteria for a publication to be included in CEEOL?

Your publication should correspond with the geographic focus (Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe) and with the subject areas of CEEOL. All publications must fulfill the standards of scholarly publishing such as keywords, summaries, author´s institutional affiliation. If published in a native language, the titles, keywords and summaries have to be in English.

Q. How does CEEOL promote the content?

CEEOL makes every effort to promote the scholarly content in the academic community. Learn more about our marketing activities here

Q. Can I manage my titles on CEEOL myself?

Yes. After the joining process is completed and the journal/eBook registration on CEEOL is activated, you can manage all your publications on the site yourself (e.g. the indexing and upload of journal issues, articles, eBooks, eBook chapters and Grey Literature documents).

Q. What are the preferred delivery formats?

Content has to be uploaded in PDF format whereas the cover page should be in JPEG (sized less than 50KB).

Q: Does CEEOL offer automated upload of meta-data and/or full text (for instance as an Open Journal System plugin)?

No, for the indexing and archiving procedure CEEOL offers online editorial access

Q. How can I receive statistics and reports on all my titles available on CEEOL?

Please contact to receive your statistics.