Q. Are free trials available?

Yes. To initiate a four-week institutional trial access, please contact us at subscriber.support@ceeol.com .

Q. What should I do if I encounter issues with Shibboleth login on ceeol.com?

If you experience any difficulties or encounter issues with the Shibboleth login procedure on CEEOL.com, there are a few steps you can take:
- Check if your institution is subscribed to CEEOL - updated list here.
- Double-check your institution's login credentials to ensure they are entered correctly.
- Clear your browser's cache and cookies and attempt the login process again.
- Contact your institution's library or IT support for assistance with Shibboleth authentication.
- Contact CEEOL support subscriber.support@ceeol.com with a description of your issue in order to receive further guidance and troubleshooting assistance.

Q. How do institutional users get access to content on CEEOL?

Institutional access is provided via IP ranges. Remote access is available via Proxy or Shibboleth authentication.For all questions concerning Shibboleth, please contact subscriber.support@ceeol.com.

Q. Can I access all content on CEEOL?

Authorized users have access to the journal content that is subscribed by their institution /library or, in the case of eBooks, purchased by their institution. This content is marked with a green checkmark. In addition, all (registered) users have access to open access content, marked with the “OA” icon.

Q. How can institutions access OA content?

Open Access Content can be accessed in connection with a regular subscription to journal content and/or eBook purchase.

Q. What kind of subscription options are available?

CEEOL provides Access-to-All Journal Content subscription

Q. Are eBooks offered for subscription?

No. eBooks are offered for an institutional one-time purchase.

Q. Does CEEOL offer perpetual access to subscribed journal content after cancellation of the subscription?

After cancellation of a journal content subscription, CEEOL will provide the Subscriber, upon request, an archival (non-searchable) file on DVD-ROM or other appropriate media as determined by CEEOL, containing the content of journal issues subscribed to during the subscription years.

Example: You subscribe to CEEOL starting with 01. January 2022 and cancel the subscription as of 31. December 2023. Your institution will receive the archival journal content files for the issues of 2022 and 2023.

Q. Does CEEOL supply MARC records?

Yes. CEEOL offers MARC records on journal title and on article level. MARC records are also available for included eBook titles.

Q. Does CEEOL provide user statistics to subscribing institution?

Yes. CEEOL provides COUNTER compliant statistics to subscribing institutions. COUNTER compliant statistics are available 24/7 online with librarian´s password driven login and access.

Q. How does invoicing work?

The subscription year corresponds with the calendar year. Subscriptions initiated during a calendar year are invoiced pro-rata.

Q. Is it possible to participate through a Consortia?

Yes. We collaborate with consortia in various countries. Please contact us for details (subscriber.support@ceeol.com).

Q. I am an individual scholar. How can I access content on CEEOL?

Individual users are welcome to register ,browse the repository, download open access content and use PayPal for paid content purchase.

Q. Can also institutions other than universities participate in CEEOL

Yes. CEEOL has subscribers in different sectors (NGOs, museums, …).

Q. In which format is the CEEOL content available?

Content is available in PDF format.

Q. Is CEEOL accessible on tablets, mobile phones and other mobile devices?

Yes. CEEOL´s responsive web-design offers smooth access on devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android etc. We are constantly working on the optimal accessibility of our repository on mobile devices.

Q. Were to meet CEEOL´s representatives?

CEEOL participates at conferences and events, where we are most happy to meet you and to answer your questions.