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European Integration Studies
European Integration Studies

Publishing House: Miskolci Egyetem
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences
Frequency: 2 issues
Print ISSN: 1588-6735
Status: Later issues not available

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Short Description

In 1998, the European Studies Centre was established at the University of Miskolc. Its operation is based on the academic staff of seven faculties of the university, focused on the theoretical and practical issues of the European integration and on the accession of Hungary to the EU, primarily in relation with themes of legal harmonisation, economic and political integration, as well as the history and operation of the different institutions of the EU. The four main themes are dealt with in the frame of the following activities: education (undergraduate EU-modules and postgraduate courses), research (legal harmonisation and economic catching-up), training for target groups (for civil servants, secondary school teachers and for the representatives of the business life) and networking (co-operation with Hungarian and foreign partner institutions). In spring 2001, it was decided that in co-operation with the foreign partners the results of the research work carried out in the frame of the ESC shall be published in foreign language regularly. This led to the launching of a periodical entitled: European Integration Studies - Series “H” We believe that the philosophy of the Editorial Board - competence, openness, tolerance and equal treatment - of which members are outstanding foreign and Hungarian experts shall guarantee the high professional level and the up-to-dateness of the publication. We kindly encourage our readers and all interested to contact the authors as well as the Editorial Board with their comments and suggestions. We also hope that this new periodical will contribute to the international reputation of the University of Miskolc. The Editorial Board of the Journal of European Integration Studies A publication of the University of Miskolc (UOM) Editor –in-Chief: Jean Monnet Prof. Judit FAZEKAS, lawyer (UOM) Editors: Zoltán ANGYAL, PhD, lawyer (UOM), Levente LÉNÁRT, PhD, British Studies (UOM) Members: Prof. Aladár NAGY, economist (UOM),Tamás KÉKESI, PhD, engineer (UOM).Prof. László FERENCZI, historian (UOM),Márta VÉKONY, English-teacher (UOM),Prof. György KOCZISZKY, economist (UOM).Prof. Károly JÁRMAI, engineer (UOM),Gábor PETHO, PhD, engineer (UOM),Prof. Fuada STANKOVIC, economist,(University of Novi Sad, Serbia), Prof. Santiago MARTÍNEZ ARGÜELLES, economist (University of Oviedo, Spain),Prof. Wolfgang RENZSCH, politologist (University of Magdeburg, Germany), Prof. Hugh BEALE, lawyer (University of Warwick, United Kingdom), Dr. Pascale BERTELOOP, lawyer (Office for Official Publications of the European Communities,Luxembourg), Prof. Reiner SCHULZE, lawyer (University of Münster, Germany) ,Dr. Vladimír PENJAK, PhD, mathematician (Technical University of Košice, Slovak Republic), Dr. Marius JUCAN, PhD, American Studies (Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania) * * * * * Local Editorial Board A. Nagy, L. Lénárt, P. Kovács, K. Jármai, S. Simig-Fenyő, Gy. Kocziszky, G.Pethő Linguistic Editor : David Arthur Sunderland Professional Proofreader: Prof. József Benedek