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Časopis za suvremenu povijest
Journal of Contemporary History

Publishing House: Hrvatski institut za povijest
Subject(s): History
Frequency: irregular and other
Print ISSN: 0590-9597
Online-ISSN: 1848-9079
Status: Active

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Short Description

The Journal “Časopis za suvremenu povijest” (Journal of Contemporary History) is a scholary journal which publishes the results of research in modern history, that is, of the nineteenth century to contemporary times. The Journal publishes the results of scholarly projects at the Croatian Institute of History as well as scholarly research articles prepared outside of the Institute submitted to the editorial board. Alongside archival research, the Journal attempts to uphold scholarly criticism and advance the methodology of historical science. The following categories of articles are published in the Journal: archival research articles, review articles, and reports from the proceedings of conferences. The Journals also publishes book review, research notes, information bulletins, and scholarly criticism and reflections. The Journal at times publishes primary documents and archival sources which contribute to the better understanding of history. The Journal of Contemporary History belongs to the highest rang of international recognized peer-reviewed journal publications. The publisher of the Journal is the Croatian Institute of History. The journal is published three times a year. Editor in Chief is Dr. Zdravka Jelaska Marijan. The editorial board is made up in part by members of the Croatian Institute of History. In addition, some members of the editorial board come from outside of the Institute. International members of the editorial board consist of prominent historians: Dr. Carl Bethke (Germany), Dr. Katrin Boeckh (Germany), Dr. Zoran Janjetović (Serbia), Dr. Andrzej Krzak (Poland), Dr. John Paul Newman (Ireland), Dr. Andrej Rahten (Slovenia), Dr. Sabrina P. Ramet (Norway), Sergey Romanenko (Russia), Dr. James Sadkovich (Niederland), Dr. Dinko Sokcsevisc (Hungary). Secretary of the journal is Darjan Godić.