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Jutarnji bibliotekar
The Morning Librarian

Publishing House: Asocijacija za unapređenje informacijskih nauka INFOHOUSE
Subject(s): Social Sciences
Frequency: 12 issues
Print ISSN: 1840-0000
Status: Ceased Publication

  • 2004
  • 2005
  • 2006
  • Issue No. 01
  • Issue No. 02
  • Issue No. 03
  • Issue No. 04
  • Issue No. 05
  • Issue No. 06
  • Issue No. 07
  • Issue No. 08
  • Issue No. 09
  • Issue No. 10
  • Issue No. 11
  • Issue No. 12
  • Issue No. 13
  • Issue No. 14
  • Issue No. 15-16
  • Issue No. 17
  • Issue No. 18
  • Issue No. 19
  • Issue No. 20-21
  • Issue No. 22
  • Issue No. 24
  • Issue No. 25
  • Issue No. 26
  • Issue No. 27-28
  • Issue No. 29-30
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Short Description

The monthly Jutarnji bibliotekar (The Morning Librarian) is an e-bulletin /newsletter, having librarians and other information researchers on as the target readers. Its purpose is to provide the latest information about librarianship today, such as the data about the newly-published professional literature, library equipment, conferences and seminars, information about other newsletters available to librarians, as well as the promotion of e-resources and their use in all types of libraries, the most recent theoretical studies The project "Jutarnji bibliotekar ” (The Morning Librarian ) is designed by INFOHOUSE to promote benefits of electronic resources deployment and usage for every information specialist, in all types of libraries. This free electronic newsletter disseminates information about latest developments in the field of library and information science. Its primary goal is to reach wider population and correct stereotype of librarian as a boring, grumbler, old-fashioned person. The Morning Librarian has two primary tasks: a) To become mediator in transfer of the latest news, theoretical research and good practices in the field of librarianship to its beneficiaries (information seekers, young and/or experienced librarians) b) To give the modern, electronic and free tools to the Bosnian and Balkan Region librarians. Main areas covered in Newsletter are: - Useful free tools from the web (search engines, databases, web sites, links, e-books, articles) - Useful commercial tools from the WWW (search engines, databases, web sites, links, books, articles) - Interview/Profile the new, young librarian and experience one - Presentation of actions on promotion science, librarianship, reading, writing done by other organizations/individuals - Free handbook/textbook for developing the librarian’s skills - The latest acquisitions at the libraries - Editor s corner The newsletter contains the information that can help to the librarians to catch the stream and follow the modern communication channels.