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Политикологија религије
The Politics and Religion Journal - Serbian Edition

Publishing House: Центар за проучавање религије и верску толеранцију
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences
Frequency: 2 issues
Print ISSN: 1820-6581
Online-ISSN: 1820-659X
Status: Active

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Short Description

"The Politics and Religion Journal” is the first theoretical publication related to this young discipline of the political sciences in the world. The idea for such a journal was promoted by group of researchers who are dealing with the subjects in the field of Politology of Religion. All published studies in the journal are reviewed by two qualified experts. The publisher of “The Politics and Religion Journal” is Center for Studies of Religion and Religious Tolerance which is established in Belgrade, Serbia.     “The Politics and Religion  Journal” is open for presentation of different views and opinions. The true contribution to our scientific discipline is the sole criteria for the selections of texts by editors. And, that expressly means, “political correctness is not binding if it contradicts truth”.  For, the truth is the ultimate criteria that is determining genuine science. The standpoint of John Stewart Mill – “We could never be sure that opinion-to-be-suppressed is wrong, and even if it is, it would be a mistake to suppress it” – is the leading idea of “The Politics  and  Religion Journal”.     The Editor in Chief and the founder of  “The Politics and Religion Journal" is Dr Miroljub Jevtic, professor of "Politology of Religion" at  Department of Political Science, University of Belgrade