Publishing House: Институт за балканистика с Център по тракология - Българска академия на науките
Subject(s): History, Language and Literature Studies
Frequency: 2 issues
Print ISSN: 1314-4103
Status: Active

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Short Description

Балкани/The Balkans, Periodical scientific journal of the Institute of Balkan Studies & Centre of Thracology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. It is a scientific journal for modern humanities of a new type. It offers a scientific forum for discussion of contemporary thinking in the field of Balkan studies. The scientific profile of the journal includes the study of history, culture, literature, art and languages of Southeast Europe in a period of nearly 3,000 years, from prehistoric times to the present day. The Balkans contains articles, book reviews, and news about the projects and activities of the Institute of Balkan Studies & Centre of Thracology. The journal includes the following sections: The main part of the Journal – Topic of the Issues – includes articles with multidisciplinary affiliation in Ancient, Medieval, Modern and Contemporary History and Culture of South-East Europe; Archival Studies, International Studies, Historical Sources, Linguistic Studies; Literature and Art. The Section Retro focuses on the problem: Primary vs Seconadry Sources. The Section Ambassador of the Balkans: provides space for sharing ideas on notable missions and legacies in the Balkans. The Section Antiquity resurrects forgotten publications, outstanding artists, researchers, intellectuals and politicians from the recent past, and their ideas, works, deeds. Balkan Chronicles reflect the scientific and public activities of the Institute of Balkan Studies & Centre of Thracology; The Section New Books presents the most recent publication, reviews and annotations of new books of the researchers at the IB&CTh. The Balkans accepts submissions in Bulgarian, and requires brief abstracts in English. Regularity: The Balkans appears twice a year.