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Revista Română de Relatii Internationale si Studii Europene (ROJIRES)
Romanian Journal of International Relations and European Studies (ROJIRES)

Publishing House: Editura Universitatii din Oradea
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences
Frequency: 2 issues
Print ISSN: 2284-9882
Status: Ceased Publication

  • 2012
  • 2013
  • 2015
  • Issue No. 1/1
  • Issue No. 2/1
  • Issue No. 1/2
  • Issue No. 1/3
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Short Description

The Romanian Journal of International Relations and European Studies (ROJIRES) is an initiative of the Romanian Association for International Relations and European Studies (RAIRES). The Romanian market has seen its fair share of publications dedicated to debates and information on international relations or European issues. Moreover, in recent years, several high-profile magazines, journals or newspapers have been translated into Romanian or have developed Romanian editions. The quality of the comments and media reports on international or European issues has increased considerably. It is in this particular context that the editors have undertaken the serious task of publishing this journal and it is in this context that we must make clear the objectives of the Journal. ROJIRES aims to set new standards in terms of international relations or European studies research in Romania. Both the international relations and the European studies fields have been marred by a profound lack of expertise – it is the expertise of the most important global and Romanian academics that we wish to build upon in order to develop a venue for fresh and relevant debates pertaining to today’s most serious or grave international or European problems. Both the expertise the board and the contributors will provide and the debates we hope we will foster are paramount not only to a lively and healthy academic undertaking, such as the journal, but to other linked activity fields in the wider social environment, media and the political sphere being only the most prominent. ROJIRES aims to identify the key issues, to analyze public policies and even to submit policy recommendations, thus bringing together the academic environment and the political deciders. Furthermore, we wish to develop a publication venue for young researchers and scholars, as well as a forum for academic debate. ROJIRES takes quality very seriously and will ensure that all of the published articles or reviews will be subjected to a double-blind peer review process. The Journal aims to promote a deeper research, study and understanding of the fields of International Relations and European Studies, by bringing together the foremost Romanian researchers and important names from the global academic environment and by striving to promote research with a strong interdisciplinary emphasis. The Journal is open to contributions from various paradigms and theoretical backgrounds and does not show a preference towards a particular theoretical, methodological or epistemic approach. The editors of the Journal, as well as the organization that has supported and funded this initiative look forward to achieving its goals and would like to thank the reviewers, contributors and the partners of ROJIRES, hoping that the readers find this current issue a pleasant and instructive reading!