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Estetika: The Central European Journal of Aesthetics
Estetika: The Central European Journal of Aesthetics

Publishing House: Ústav dějin umění Akademie věd České republiky
Subject(s): Philosophy
Frequency: 2 issues
Print ISSN: 0014-1291
Status: Active

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Short Description

The new Estetika, established by the departments of aesthetics at Charles University, Prague, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Gdansk University and Comenius University, Bratislava, and the Institute of Art History, Prague, is intended to create an international forum of communication among Central European scholars who share a similar educational background between analytic Anglo-American aesthetics and Continental phenomenological aesthetics. Estetika will, for the first time in Central European history, provide a venue where all the aestheticians in the region can meet and share their views. It will, we hope, be a journal on par with traditional journals in this field (for example, The British Journal of Aesthetics, The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, the Revue francophone d’Esthétique, and the Zeitschrift für Ästhetik und Allgemeine Kunstwissenschaft). In our region, aesthetics has always been understood as a separate field of study, occupying a place amongst numerous traditional branches as well as recently emerging ones; it has not been understood as a subdivision of the philosophy of art or part of cultural studies. Aware of the current situation in the field, Estetika endeavours to address not only traditional topics in aesthetics (for example, the ontology of a work of art, aesthetic experience, and criticism), but also seeks to raise questions challenging these traditional topics, considering the very reasons for exploring them, and ultimately examining the special nature of the field itself (including the visual turn, environmental aesthetics, and “the end of art”). Our focus is primarily on topics that have been neglected in contemporary aesthetics: the possibilities of the transformation and re-description of traditional concepts (such as the aesthetic experience and the aesthetic object); the cognitive and social dimensions of the Aesthetic (das Ästhetische); the emotions and affects; the history of aesthetics; the history of aesthetics as an institutionalized discipline; and, last but not least, the definition of aesthetics in contrast to traditional and more recent disciplines (such as the theory of art, the psychology of art, cultural theory, and visual theory). Estetika will be published twice a year. It will include original articles, book reviews, discussions and debates, and local news, with a circulation of 500 copies per issue. The Editorial Office is in the Aesthetics Department of Charles University, Prague.