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Fabrica Societatis
Fabrica Societatis

Publishing House: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego
Subject(s): Social Sciences
Frequency: 1 issues
Online-ISSN: 2657-3679
Status: Active

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Short Description

The title of the journal defines in its profile. We propose to translate it as “factories of society.” Although the Latin term – to simplify its pronunciation – is written in the singular, we are well aware that social life is created in more than one “factory.” Although there are many of them, they have at least one thing in common. Exploring them is above all an examination of everyday life, which very often forces us to move away from significant social creations to the “cellular,” most basic and micro level.

Descriptions of practices of everyday life, preoccupation with the experience of everyday life, and the conviction that the basic processes and structures of social life are contained not only and not primarily in the important phenomena of the public sphere, but in the conventions that build everyday interpersonal relations, are associated above all with the sociology of everyday life. By insisting on a scientific interest in the banality of the practical world and preferring a model of sociology that values the somatic more than the conscious, we place the journal's profile within this sub-discipline.

The study of the sociology of everyday life includes a vast array of topics that deal with human activity and the practical competencies involved in the production of human relationships and the invocation of meaning. In the social sciences there is an increasing number of works devoted to everyday human existence. Everyday life and everydayness are thus an interesting object of study and an interdisciplinary category of analysis.

The primary goal of the journal is to bring together inquiry that undertakes theoretical, methodological, and empirical efforts to conceptualize the forces that produce and shape various manifestations of social life in everyday endeavors, as well as to appreciate the importance of the delicate threads that bind people together and the uniqueness of their experience, proposing to go beyond ready-made social clichés, changing perspectives in ways that bring out what has hitherto been in the shadows or remained merely background.