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Faces of Communication

Publishing House: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego
Subject(s): Social Sciences
Frequency: 1 issues
Print ISSN: 2083-5345
Status: Active

  • 2021
  • 2022
  • Issue No. 1/13
  • Issue No. 1/14
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Short Description

"Faces of Communication" is a journal devoted to discourse studies. The main area of ​​our interest is the study of contemporary communication in a historical, social and cultural context.

"Faces of Communication" are transdisciplinary. It is a widely open forum for the exchange of ideas for communicators of various methodological orientations (linguists, sociologists, psychologists, educators, historians, media experts, etc.). Our journal is open to the search for a common language and integrated research tools.

"Faces of Communication" is a journal devoted to interdisciplinary research on text, discourse and communication. Its most important goal is to develop integrated tools in Poland to describe all manifestations and aspects of discourse.

The authors' field of view includes issues such as:

• methodology of research on communication,

• ideologization of language and other semiotic codes,

• mediatization of culture and social reality,

• persuasive and manipulative aspects of language, text and discourse.

We present theoretical dissertations, provocative and polemical voices as well as the results of empirical research. We place the greatest emphasis on methodological awareness, credibility of the empirical base and multimodal focus.