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Zeszyty Literackie
Literary Notebooks

Publishing House: Fundacja Zeszytów Literackich
Subject(s): Literary Texts
Frequency: 4 issues
Print ISSN: 0751-0357
Status: Later issues not available

  • 2004
  • 2005
  • 2006
  • Issue No. 86
  • Issue No. 87
  • Issue No. 89
  • Issue No. 90
  • Issue No. 91
  • Issue No. 92
  • Issue No. 94
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Short Description

ZESZYTY LITERACKIE [Literary Notebooks], a Polish quarterly, was established in Paris, 1982. First issue appeared in January 1983. Before 1989, was forbiden in Poland. It was reprinted by underground publishing houses. Since 1990, the magazine has been printed in Poland. Its editorial offices have been moved to Warsaw in 1992. Editorial board: STANISLAW BARANCZAK - poet, essayist, translator, professor at Harvard University (USA); EWA BIENKOWSKA - author of books on Nietzsche, Wagner and Venice, lives in France; JOSEPH BRODSKY - (d. 1996) Russian-American poet, Nobel Prize 1987; WOJCIECH KARPINSKI - writer, author of books on Jozef Czapski, van Gogh and the culture of Polish immigrants, employed at the CNRS in Paris; PETR KRAL - Czech expert on 20th century cinema, art and literature; EWA KURYLUK - painter, art critic and writer, living in Paris; ROBERTO SALVADORI - Italian editor, author of books on philosophy and essays on the origins of modern art, author of a popular series of city portraits published in both the Italian and the Polish press; TOMAS VENCLOVA - the most eminent and widely recognised Lithuanian poet, professor at Yale University (USA); ADAM ZAGAJEWSKI - poet, lecturer at Houston University (USA), lives in Paris; MAREK ZAGANCZYK - assistant editor, lecturer at the Warsaw Theatre Academy. BARBARA TORUNCZYK (Warsaw) is the magazine's founder, editor-in-chief, as well as the originator of its book series. Among the magazine's writers, collaborating on a regular basis are: CZESLAW MILOSZ, TIMOTHY GARTON ASH, LESZEK KOLAKOWSKI, JAN KOTT, PAWEL HERTZ. Among our past collaborators were: KONSTANTY JELENSKI, JOZEF CZAPSKI, ZBIGNIEW HERBERT, JAN LEBENSTEIN, KAZIMIERZ BRANDYS. In a regular section called CENTRAL EUROPE we have been trying to present the greatest achievements of our geo-political region, searching for a new European perspective. Our readers have had opportunity to read BRODSKY, CIORAN, ELIADE, HOLAN, KUNDERA, PILINSZKY, VENCLOVA. After the great political changes of 1989, we have also been trying to present the problems typical to this region. T. GARTON ASH and VACLAV HAVEL have written on political subjects, while BIENKOWSKA, EDELMAN, FEJTÖ, KURYLUK, HOFFMAN, MANEA, SALVADORI - aware of the imprints of the past, have analysed artistic tradition and the relationship between politics and art.