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Journal of Applied Research in Finance (JARF)
Journal of Applied Research in Finance (JARF)

Publishing House: Reprograph
Subject(s): Economy
Frequency: 2 issues
Print ISSN: 2066-5482
Status: Later issues not available

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Short Description

Journal of Applied Research in Finance publishes high-quality research on all aspects of financial economics, including traditional areas such as asset pricing, corporate finance and market microstructure, as well as new areas such as markets and institutions of emerging markets. The journal welcomes contributions that deal with international issues or issues related to specific countries. Also Journal of Applied Research in Finance aims to publish articles of high quality dealing with the application of existing as well as new econometric techniques to a wide variety of problems in financial economics and related subjects, covering topics in measurement, estimation, testing, forecasting, and policy analysis. The emphasis is on the careful and rigorous application of econometric techniques and the appropriate interpretation of the results. The economic content of the articles is stressed. The intention of the Journal of Applied Research in Finance is to provide an outlet for innovative, quantitative research in financial economics which cuts across areas of specialisation, involves transferable techniques, and is easily replicable by other researchers. Contributions that introduce statistical methods that are applicable to a variety of financial problems are actively encouraged. The Journal also aims to publish review and survey articles that make recent developments in the field of theoretical and applied finance more readily accessible to applied economists in general.

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