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Teologický časopis
Theological Journal

Publishing House: Teologická fakulta Trnavskej univerzity
Subject(s): Christian Theology and Religion, Comparative Studies of Religion, Religion and science , Sociology of Religion, Psychology of Religion
Frequency: 2 issues
Print ISSN: 1336-3395
Status: Active

  • 2022
  • Issue No. 1/XX
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Editorial board

Editorial Board:

  • doc. Mgr. Marcela Andoková, PhD. (Philosophical Faculty, Comenius University)
  • prof. Dr. theol. Gloria Braunsteiner, PhD. (Faculty of Theology of the Trnava University)
  • doc. Martin Dojčár, PhD. (Faculty of Education, University of Trnava)
  • prof. S.S.L. Ing. Peter Dubovský SJ, ThD. (Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome)
  • doc. ThDr. Sidonia Horňanová, PhD. (Evangelical Theological Faculty, Comenius University)
  • doc. Bohdan Hroboň, DPhil. (Faculty of Theology of the Trnava University)
  • ThDr. Maria Kardis, PhD. (Greek-Catholic Theological Faculty, Prešovská Univerzita)
  • prof. ThLic. Miloš Lichner SJ, D.Th. (Faculty of Theology of the Trnava University)
  • doc. ThDr. Albín Masarik, PhD. (Department of Theology and Religious Education, University of Matej Bel)

Advisory Board:

  • Dr. Jamem K. Aitken (University of Cambridge)
  • Dr. Peter Juhás (University of Münster)
  • Dr. Brigit Weyel (University of Tübingen)

Editor-in-chief: Dr. Jozef Tiňo

Redactor: PaedDr. Žofia Tkáčová