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Legea şi Viaţa
Law and Life

Publishing House: Academia “Stefan cel Mare” a MAI al Republicii Moldova
Subject(s): Law, Constitution, Jurisprudence, History of Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Civil Law, International Law, EU-Legislation, Court case, Comparative Law, Administrative Law
Frequency: 6 issues
Print ISSN: 2587-4365
Online-ISSN: 2587-4373
Status: Active

  • 2022
  • 2023
  • Issue No. 3/3
  • Issue No. 5/5
  • Issue No. 6/6
  • Issue No. 1/1
  • Issue No. 2/1
  • Issue No. 3/1
  • Issue No. 4/1
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Short Description

The magazine is intended for the publication of the most valuable scientific research (articles, studies, annotated and commented judicial practice) developed in the field of legal sciences by researchers and practitioners from the country and abroad. The aim is also to disseminate the scientific results obtained by young researchers, especially those obtained by master’s and doctoral students. At the same time, in order to inform readers about new scientific works published in the field of law, the Editorial Board provides editorial recommendations, including by publishing reviews. In order to focus and outline some favorite study subjects for researchers, interviews with various experienced specialists in the field cover a special place.