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Revija za evropsko pravo
The Review of European Law

Publishing House: Удружење за европско право - Центар за право Европске уније
Subject(s): Law, Constitution, Jurisprudence, EU-Legislation
Frequency: 2 issues
Print ISSN: 1450-7986
Status: Active

  • 2021
  • Issue No. 1/23
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Short Description

The Review of European Law is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing both theoretical and applied works on a wide range of topics in the European law, especially of EU Law and other related areas. The Review was founded in 1999, as the first specialised journal in South East Europe for theoretical questions of community law and as periodical journal of the Association for European Union Law of Serbia (AEL). The Association for European Law of Serbia was founded 1999 as the Yugoslav Association of experts for community law. More information about the work and activities of the Association can be found at:

Contributions from domestic authors are published in Serbian language, while papers from the foreign authors are published both in Serbian and in foreign languages  mainly in Eglish and Germany. Abstracts in the journal are always published in english language regardless of what is original language of the paper.

The Review has domestic and international Editorail Board, consisting of prominent professors of EU Law and International Law from the major European universities. Domestic and international authors provide a valuable contribution to the analysis of current issues and trends in national law, especially in light of the harmonization of the national legal system with the EU system.

Editorial board

Miloš Baltić (Beograd), prof. dr Aleksandar Ćirić (Pravni fakultet u Nišu), dr Duško Lopandić (Beograd), dr Miroslav Paunović (Beograd), prof. dr Vuk Radović (Pravni fakultet u Beogradu), prof. dr Maja Stanivuković (Pravni fakultet u Novom Sadu), akademik prof. dr Mirko Vasiljević (Pravni fakultet u Beogradu), prof. dr Slobodan Samardžić (Fakultet političkih nauka u Beogradu), akademik prof. dr Radovan D. Vukadinović (Pravni fakultet u Kragujevcu).

Međunarodna redakcija
Prof. dr Rajko Knez (Slovenija), prof. dr Nevenko Misita (Bosna i Hercegovina), akademik prof. dr Vitomir Popović (Republika Srpska), akademik prof. dr Zoran Rašović (Crna Gora), akademik prof. dr Joseph Straus (Nemačka), prof. dr Dragan Bolanča (Hrvatska), prof. dr Allan Tatham (Engleska), dr Christa Jessel-Holst (Nemačka), prof. dr Gian Antonio Benacchio (Italija) prof. dr Takis Tridimas (Engleska).

Glavni i odgovorni urednik/Editor-in-Chief: Radovan D. Vukadinović


Urednik: Jelena Vukadinović

Sekretar: Mirjana Glintić