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Problems of Management in the 21st Century
Problems of Management in the 21st Century

Publishing House: Scientia Socialis, UAB
Subject(s): Economy, Business Economy / Management
Frequency: 2 issues
Print ISSN: 2029-6932
Online-ISSN: 2538-712X
Status: Active

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Short Description

Problems of Management in the 21st Century is an international, periodical scientific journal publishing original research across the whole of management. The journal's Editorial Board and staff are committed to building PMC into the leading scientific journal in its field by publishing articles of outstanding scientific quality that merit the attention and interest of the whole management community. PMC is an Open Access journal published semiannually (in June and December).
Problems of Management in the 21st Century is a Crossref member and DOI system is being implemented.

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Editorial board


Prof., Dr. Vincentas Lamanauskas, Vilnius University Šiauliai Academy, Lithuania

Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Dr. Iwona Gorzeń-Mitka, Czestochowa University of Technology, Poland


Prof., dr. Aldona Andrzejczak, University of Economics and Business, Poland
Prof., dr. Constantin Bratianu, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania
Dr. Luca Bussotti, International Studies Center of ISCTE, Portugal
Dr. Camille Carbonnaux, University of Lille Nord de France, France
Assoc. prof., dr. Tsai-Hsin Chu, National Chiayi University, Taiwan
Assoc. prof., dr. Dana Egerova, University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic
Dr. Jorge Lima de Magalhães, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation/FIOCRUZ, Brazil
Assoc. Prof., Dr. Vitalii Nitsenko, Odessa I.I.Mechnikov National University, Ukraine
Dr. Jerzy Kaźmierczyk, Poznan University of Economics, Poland
Prof., dr. Ivars Muzis, University of Latvia, Latvia
Asst. prof., dr. Ivona Orzea, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania
Dr. Ioan Constantin Dima, „Valahia” University of Targoviste, Romania
Prof., dr. Sonia Teresinha de Sousa Penin, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Asst. prof., dr. Nikhil Chandra Shil, American International University, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Assoc. prof., dr. Michelberger Pál, Óbuda University, Hungary
Dr. Michal Kubenka, University of Pardubice, Czech Republic

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