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Математика плюс
Mathematics Plus

Publishing House: Математика плюс Х ЕООД
Subject(s): Social Sciences, Education, School education, Higher Education
Frequency: 4 issues
Print ISSN: 0861-8321
Online-ISSN: 2603-4964
Status: Active

  • 2020
  • 2021
  • 2022
  • 2023
  • 2024
  • Issue No. 4/28
  • Issue No. 1/29
  • Issue No. 2/29
  • Issue No. 3/29
  • Issue No. 4/29
  • Issue No. 1/30
  • Issue No. 2/30
  • Issue No. 3/30
  • Issue No. 4/30
  • Issue No. 1/31
  • Issue No. 2/31
  • Issue No. 3/31
  • Issue No. 4/31
  • Issue No. 1/32
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Short Description

Mathematics Plus is a handbook for kids, pupils, school and university students, professional mathematicians, for all, who have enjoyed the beauty of Mathematics or strive to touch it. In a popular, attractive and approachable way the journal publishes notes and articles with original results, reviews on subjects with considerable importance for Mathematics, Informatics and their applications; famous mathematicians and their achievements are presented; information is proposed for Bulgarian and foreign schools, colleges, universities, foundations; materials by outstanding experts are elaborated to help acceptance in higher educational institutions, foreign language schools, mathematical and professional lyceums; International and Balkan Mathematical Olympiads, various other mathematical competitions in Bulgaria and abroad are discussed; different contests with awards are organized; special attention is directed to youngsters suggesting suitable topics and tasks to them; professionals with achievements in Mathematics but also in other domains are presented; mathematical puzzles, magic squares, challenging games and toys are proposed; lotteries with object awards are organized.

Editorial board

Sava Grozdev – Editor-in-Chief


Irina Sharkova – Um +,
Aleksa Malceski (Nothern Macedonia) – Olympiads,
Veselin Nenkov – Problems М +,
Tanka Milkova – М + financial literacy,
Hari Aleksiev – М + many solutions,
Tanya Stoeva – М + European Kangaroo

Members of the Editorial Board:
Katja Chalakova,
Nikolai Raikov,
Rosen Nikolaev,
Jordan Petkov,
Tsetsa Bajcheva,
Asen Velchev,
Radan Miryanov,
Diana Stefanova,
Kostadin Petleshkov,
Stanislav Srefanov


International Advisory Board:
A. Gagatsis (Cyprus),
R. Magenreuter (Germany),
V. Berinde (Romania),
T. F. Sergeeva (Russia),
M. V. Shabanova (Russia),
R. Toshich (Serbia),
Sh. Ismailov (Uzbekistan)