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Kairos: Evangelical Journal of Theology
Kairos: Evangelical Journal of Theology

Publishing House: Biblijski institut
Subject(s): Philosophy, Cultural history, Jewish studies, Essay|Book Review |Scientific Life, History of ideas, Ancient World, Theology and Religion
Frequency: 2 issues
Print ISSN: 1846-4599
Online-ISSN: 1848-2511
Status: Active

  • 2020
  • 2021
  • 2022
  • 2023
  • Issue No. 1/XIV
  • Issue No. 2/XIV
  • Issue No. 1/XV
  • Issue No. 2/15
  • Issue No. 1/16
  • Issue No. 2/16
  • Issue No. 1/17
  • Issue No. 2/17
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Short Description

Kairos: Evangelical Journal of Theology is an academic journal for general evangelical issues, embracing complete thematic and disciplinary openness. It publishes works in various disciplines: biblical theology, systematic theology, applied theology, ethics, church history, church life and sociology of religion, philosophy, and psychology. The journal also publishes interdisciplinary work. Kairos is an academic journal for which papers are subject to anonymous review procedures. Texts may be published that concern relevant topics. They should be written to be interesting to readers and at a level in keeping with a standard of writing appropriate for an academic theological journal.

Review policy: external reviews, domestic and foreign, only scientific and professional papers, double blind, double

First year of publication: 2007
Frequency of publication: 2
Areas of coverage: history, theology, humanities

Editorial board
  • Danijel Berković, Biblical Institute, Zagreb, Croatia, dberkovic@bizg.hr

  • Mark Black, Lipscomb University Nashville, USA, mark.black@lipscomb.edu
  • Ervin Budiselić, Biblical Institute, Zagreb, Croatia, ebudiselic@bizg.hr
  • Kotel Da-Don, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Zagreb, Croatia, kdadon@ffzg.hr
  • Dalibor Kraljik, Biblical Institute, Zagreb, Croatia, dkraljik@bizg.hr
  • Peter Kuzmič, Evangelical Theological Seminary, Osijek, Croatia
  • Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary Boston, USA, peter.kuzmic@evtos.hr, pkuzmic@gordonconwell.edu
  • Ankica Marinović, Institute for Social Research in Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia, ankica@idi.hr
  • Julijana Mladenovska-Tešija, Evangelical Theological Seminary, Osijek, Croatia, julijana.tesija@evtos.hr
  • Perry L. Stepp (Zagreb), Biblijski institut; Zagreb; Hrvatska, pstepp@bizg.hr
  • Greg Thellman (Osijek; SAD), Visoko evanđeosko teološko učilište; Osijek; Hrvatska, greg.thellman@evtos.hr

International advisory council

  • Mark Hamilton, Abilene Christian University, Abilene, USA, mwh00c@acu.edu
  • Kostake Milkov, Balkan Institute for Faith and Culture, Skopje, Macedonia, kmmilkov@gmail.com
  • Constantine Prokhorov,Novosibirsk Biblical Theological Seminary, Novosibirsk, Russia, constprokhorov@gmail.com
  • Gerald Shenk,Eastern Mennonite Seminary, Harrisonburg, USA, shenkgerald@gmail.com, ShenkNG@emu.edu
  • Andrea Sterk,University of Florida Department of History, Gainesville, USA, sterk@ufl.edu
  • Wojciech Szczerba,Evangelical School of Theology, Wroclaw, Poland, w.szczerba@ewst.pl
Indexing information

Papers published in Kairos are included in the databases:

  • Religious and Theological Abstracts (Myerstown, USA)
  • Academic Journals Database
  • Central and Eastern European Online Library (CEEOL)
  • Academic Search Ultimate (EBSCO)
  • Academic Search Complete (EBSCO)
  • HRČAK - Portal of Scientific Journals of Croatia