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Studies in Visual Arts and Communication
Studies in Visual Arts and Communication

Publishing House: Editura ARTES
Subject(s): Fine Arts / Performing Arts, Media studies, Photography, Visual Arts, Aesthetics, Communication studies, Film / Cinema / Cinematography, History of Art
Frequency: 2 issues
Online-ISSN: 2393-1221
Status: Active

  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2021
  • 2022
  • 2023
  • Issue No. 1/6
  • Issue No. 2/6
  • Issue No. 1/7
  • Issue No. 2/7
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  • Issue No. 2/8
  • Issue No. 1/9
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Short Description

“Studies in Visual Arts and Communication” (SVAC) is a bi-annual peer-reviewed journal affiliated to “George Enescu” National University of Arts from Iasi, Romania.

ISSN 2393 – 1221 online

Frequency: 2 issues per year – June and December; Open access

Aims & Scope: “Studies in Visual Arts and Communication” is an open access journal. SVAC promotes excellence by providing a venue for academics, scholars, researchers and scientists to publish current and significant original theoretical research in the Arts and Communication areas of knowledge as approached in the academy and research institutions.

The mission of “Studies in Visual Arts and Communication” is to endorse and promote the scholarly research in the academic fields related to Arts and Communication, as reported by academics, scholars, researchers, scientists from around the world. The Journal welcomes original high-quality papers, theoretical articles/studies, research reports and review articles which debate erudite and contemporaneous ideas, topics and issues of academic relevance, to be published and disseminated.

The theoretical research in the fields of Visual Arts and Communication has tremendously evolved in the recent years as both specialized, in-depth research and cross-disciplinary insights which bring contributions from once disjoined, self-contained, (sub)fields of science and humanities.

“Studies in Visual Arts and Communication” encourages research perspectives which result in either deeply specialized contributions or engage research across the range of the (classical) academic domains, but notably with focus on Visual Arts and Communication.

Research published by the Journal encompasses (but not limited to) topics from:

· visual art theory, criticism, history, curatorship;

· visual studies;

· hermeneutics of visual arts;

· artistic research in visual arts (reports on visual art-based research);

· aesthetic theory;

· critical theory;

· visual arts and (hard / soft) science;

· issues on creativity in the arts;

· communication studies, communication theory, media theory,

seeking congruence between the traditional (disciplinary) approaches and the contingent methods of academic investigation.

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