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Publishing House: Slovanská unie z. s.
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences, History, Social Sciences, Language and Literature Studies, Fine Arts / Performing Arts
Frequency: 2 issues
Print ISSN: 2570-7108
Online-ISSN: 2570-7116
Status: Active

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Submission guidelines is a journal with an independent review process - the double-blind peer review. The journal publishes only such texts that meet both content and formal requirements set by the editorial board. Reviewers are various international experts especially in humanities, social sciences, archaeology, linguistics, or culture and art. Each text is reviewed by two independent reviewers from the editorial board who are not from the author's workplace or in conflict with the text. If opinions of two reviewers are different, the editorial board asks the third reviewer to conclude the review result. Editorial informs authors about the conclusion, which respects one of the following:

The text will be published without the need for modification.
The text will be published after accomplishing the reviewer's questions and recommendations.
The text will not be published. The text can be a subject to a new review process only after fundamental redesign. New version of text must meet the same rules as the first version: It must adhere to the specified template and page range, bibliographic standards, etc.

The cultural, scientific, and educational activity that is the goal of this journal does not have the same formal and strictly logical verification mechanism that we see in natural and technical sciences. The degree of understanding of our activity is a social process that is bound to specific cultural, social, and economic conditions. This knowledge is dependent on the conditions of its origin and is related to the value framework from which it originates and therefore has a relativistic-constructivist character. That is why the journal has to respect the criterion of the correctness and rationality of all statements: The relationship to the improvement of the quality of life of people and keep the principle of equality of nationality, religion and gender, as well as the high rejection of xenophobic teachings. The modern international Slavic movement is not a confrontation between the Slavs and other peoples. There is no superiority of some Slavic nations, cultures, and languages over other nations, cultures, and languages. Our strategic goal is to use our Slavic, European and Christian strengths to create new opportunities to strengthen peace cooperation around the modern world.

Short Description (in English: the SLAVS) is an expert journal focusing on issues of Slavic peoples in the wider sociocultural context of current times. The journal supports the contribution of Slavic science and culture to the development of modern civilization. The journal is an international successor of the journal SLOVANSKÁ UNIE from the years 2016–2017. Submitted articles for the journal are subjected to a profound review process by experts from the editorial board and must be written in Interslavic or any other Slavic language, Esperanto, English, German, Spanish, French, or Italian, but every article must at least have an abstract and keywords in the Interslavic language.

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