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Rhizai. A Journal for Ancient Philosophy and Science
Rhizai. A Journal for Ancient Philosophy and Science

Publishing House: Издателство »Изток-Запад«
Subject(s): Philosophy
Frequency: 2 issues
Print ISSN: 1312-3963
Status: Ceased Publication

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Short Description

In the countries of South-Eastern Europe, ancient philosophy is often seen to be at the root of national traditions and achievements. Ancient philosophy is therefore intensely studied in these countries, but results are rarely shared outside the national boundaries. The new journal for ancient philosophy and science, Rhizai, is launched by scholars from South-Eastern Europe with the aim of promoting academic co-operation in the region and improving connections with international scholarship. Rhizai will be published twice a year under the editorship of Ivan Christov, University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Contributions in all fields of ancient philosophy and science are invited. Papers and book-reviews will be published in English, German, French and Italian. Manuscripts should be typed in double-spacing with wide margins. Footnotes should be collected at the end, with personal details enclosed on a separate sheet. Contributions sent by e-mail are welcome. They should be sent as e-mail attachments in MS Word or rich text format. Contributions in electronic form will be prepared for blind review by the editor. Editorial Board ------------------------------ Ivan Christov (Editor-in-chief), University of Plovdiv István Bodnár, Eötvös University and CEU, Budapest Pavel Gregorić (Book reviews editor), University of Zagreb Katerina Ierodiakonou, National Technical University of Athens Advisory Board ------------------------------ Jonathan Barnes, Paris, France Tzotcho Boiadjiev, Sofia,Bulgaria Myles Burnyeat, Oxford, UK John Cooper, Princeton, USA Michael Frede, Athens, Greece Filip Grgić, Zagreb, Croatia Vassilis Karasmanis, Athens, Greece Filip Karfík, Prague, Czech Republic André Laks, Lille, France Péter Lautner, Piliscsaba, Hungary James Lennox, Pittsburgh, USA Alexander Mourelatos, Austin, USA Carlo Natali, Venice, Italy Christof Rapp, Berlin, Germany Heinrich von Staden, Princeton, USA Address: ------------------------------ Rhizai Ivan Christov, Editor Faculty of Philosophy University of Plovdiv 24 Tzar Assen Street 4000 Plovdiv Bulgaria