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Caiete ARA
ARA Reports

Publishing House: Editura "Arhitectură. Restaurare. Arheologie"
Subject(s): Archaeology, Architecture, Visual Arts, Book-Review
Frequency: 1 issues
ISSN: 2068-0686
Status: Active

  • 2010
  • 2017
  • Issue No. 1
  • Issue No. 8
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Short Description

ARA Reports [Caiete ARA] is an annual scientific publication addressed to researcher in the fields of archaeology, architectural history, and art history, as well as to professionals concerned with salvage, protection and enhancement of historic and artistic heritage. The journal reflects aspects of excellence in research related to historic monuments, from archaeological sites and monuments to contemporary architectural heritage. The history of architecture, regarded as Ars edificandi, appears integrated in a modern vision according to which an extensive research bringing together the results of architectural, archaeological, art historical research, and not least conservation is required for an appropriate management of historic sites, their understanding, and implicitly, their protection and enhancement.

The journal ARA Reports succeeded in becoming a positively appreciated presence within the international academic societies. Samples of the previous published issues have been distributed to the libraries of important European research institutes and universities.