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Izvestiya. Journal of Varna University of Economics
Izvestiya. Journal of Varna University of Economics

Publishing House: Икономически университет - Варна
Subject(s): Social Sciences, Economy
Frequency: 4 issues
Print ISSN: 2367-6361
Online-ISSN: 2367-6957
Status: Active

  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2021
  • 2022
  • 2023
  • Issue No. 1/60
  • Issue No. 2/60
  • Issue No. 3/60
  • Issue No. 4/60
  • Issue No. 1/61
  • Issue No. 2/61
  • Issue No. 3/61
  • Issue No. 4/61
  • Issue No. 1/62
  • Issue No. 2/62
  • Issue No. 3-4/62
  • Issue No. 1/63
  • Issue No. 2/63
  • Issue No. 3/63
  • Issue No. 4/63
  • Issue No. 1/64
  • Issue No. 2/64
  • Issue No. 3/64
  • Issue No. 4/64
  • Issue No. 1/65
  • Issue No. 2/65
  • Issue No. 3/65
  • Issue No. 4/65
  • Issue No. 1-2/66
  • Issue No. 3-4/66
  • Issue No. 1/67
  • Issue No. 2/67
  • Issue No. 3/67
  • Issue No. 4/67
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Short Description

“Izvestiya” journal is an academic scientific journal of the University of Economics – Varna which applies the principle of double-blind review of received papers. The journal has been published since 1957 and it keeps the traditions of the university periodicals issued since 1928. The online version of the journal started in 2012. The journal is a forum for presenting various scientific theories, studies and positions; it encourages pluralism in science and is open for discussion.
The journal accepts manuscripts and approves for publishing articles in the field of: business, management and accounting; economics, econometrics and finance; computer science; mathematics; social sciences.
The journal is published in quarterly booklets, in Bulgarian and English, both in print and online.
“Izvestiya” journal follows the codes of ethical behavior and protection of author’s rights. With the act of sending his article, as well as with the act of expressing the wish or agreement for publishing sent to the editorial office of “Izvestiya”, the bearer of author’s right or similar rights agrees to give for free the right for using electronically the works which are approved by the editorial board.
“Izvestiya” is a scientific journal with “open access” both for the academic staff of the university and for authors outside it whose materials correspond to the thematic priorities of the journal. “Izvestiya” journal accepts the Budapest Open Access Initiative and is part of DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals).

Editorial board


Prof. Dr. Dancho Danchev (editor-in-chief)

Assoc. Prof. PhD Hristo Mavrov (deputy editor-in-chief)

Prof. Dr Rumen Kalchev

Prof. Dr Vesselin Hadzhiev

Prof. Dr Zoya Mladenova

Prof. Dr Tanya Dabeva

Prof. Dr Nadya Kostova

Prof. Dr Vladimir Salov

Prof. Dr. Tsveta Zafirova

Assoc. Prof. PhD Ivan Zhelev

Assoc. Prof. PhD Slavi Genov

Assoc. Prof. PhD Silviya Parusheva

Assoc. Prof. PhD Mariya Stanimirova

Assoc. Prof. PhD Rossen Nikolaev

Assoc. Prof. PhD Nikoleta Mihaleva

Assoc. Prof. PhD Andriyana Andreeva

Assoc. Prof. PhD Hristina Blagojcheva

Assoc. Prof. PhD Sabka Pashova


International editorial staff

Tatiana Kostova
Professor, Moore School of Business, Univesity of South Carolina, USA
James Angresano
Professor, College of Idaho, Coldwell, USA
Irina Brusakova
Professor, State university of engineering and economics, Sankt Peterburg, Russia
Anatoli Kovalev
Professor, Odessa State economic university, Ukraine,
Nikolas Exadaktylos
Professor, School of administration and economics, Technological institute, Thessaloniki, Greece
Rossela Bardazzi
Assoc. Prof. PhD, University of Florence, Italy
Marek Pawlak
Professor, Catholic university, Lyublin, Poland
Ada Mirela Tomescu
Professor, Faculty of economics in the university of Oradja, Romania
Giovanni Lagioia
Professor, University of Bari Aldo Mori, Bari, Italy
Renѐ Thieblemont
Professor, University of Savoy, FranceandGeneva University, Switzerland
Annibal Scavarda
Assoc. Prof. PhD, School of business and management in the American University, Sharjah, OAE
Fotis Missopoulos
Senior lecturer PhD, Greece, International faculty in the University of Shefield, UK
Zdzislaw Polkowski
Professor, Lower Silesian University of Entrepreneurship and Technology in Polkowice, Poland
Galina Savina
Professor, National Technical University, Herson, Ukraine

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