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Стратегии на образователната и научната политика
Strategies for Policy in Science and Education

Publishing House: Национално издателство за образование и наука „Аз-буки“
Subject(s): Social Sciences
Frequency: 6 issues
Print ISSN: 1310-0270
Online-ISSN: 1314-8575
Status: Active

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Short Description

Strategies for Policy in Science and Education is a scientific theoretical journal, founded in 1993. It aims to:
- Acquaint the pedagogical specialists with manager functions: heads of scientific institutions, experts from regional inspectorates as well as municipality experts, with the educational policy vision of Ministry of Education and Science.
- Present scientific analysis and paradigms for the development of the Bulgarian education in the European context - for university professors and experts of the scientific and education sector in the field of higher education.
- Present the strategic priorities in the field of scientific studies with theoretical and applied nature.
- Orient the pedagogical body from all educational system levels for applying innovative educational practices and their relation with the scientific policy of Ministry of Education and Science.
- Orient the researchers in the field of science and educational practice how to successfully manage projects and programs at European and national context, laws, state educational standards, curricula and other documents of recommendatory nature and directives related to the Bulgarian educational policy.
The journal maintains regular columns in secondary and higher education, science policy, integration into the European educational and scientific space, study results, discussions, new books etc. The journal organizes and co-organizes discussions, round tables, scientific conferences on contemporary issues in Bulgarian education and science and is also partnering in international educational projects.
Frequency: 6 issues per year.

The articles appearing in this journal are indexed and abstracted in:
Sociological Abstracts
Social Services Abstracts
Worldwide Political Science Abstracts
Pais International and Linguistic and Language Behavior Abstracts
The European Reference Index for the Humanities and the Social Sciences (ERIH PLUS)

Editorial board

Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Irina Koleva - University of Sofia (Bulgaria)

Prof. Anastas Gerdjikov, DSc. - University of Sofia (Bulgaria)
Prof. Dr. Vyara Gurova, DSc. - University of Sofia (Bulgaria)
Prof. Stoyan Denchev, DSc. - University of Library Studies and Information Technologies – Sofia (Bulgaria)
Ms. Emiliana Dimitrova - National Agency for Vocational Education and Training (Bulgaria)
Mr. Lazar Dodev - Ministry of Education and Science (Bulgaria)
Mrs. Genoveva Zhecheva - Ministry of Education and Science (Bulgaria)
Dr. Vera Zeleeva, Assoc. Prof. – Kazanski University – Kazan (Tatarstan)
Dr. Maira Kabakova, Assoc. Prof. – Kazakh National University (Kazakhstan)
Prof. Dr.Georgi Kolev – University of Shumen (Bulgaria)
Prof. Dr. Aliya Massalimova – Kazakh National University (Kazakhstan)
Prof. Luchiyan Milkov, DSc. - University of National and World Economy (Bulgaria)
Prof. Dr. Plamen Miltenoff – St. Cloud State University (SCSU) – St. Cloud, Minnesota (USA)
Prof. Viorel Nicolescu – Lumina The University of South-East Europe – Bucurest (Romania)
Prof. Pariz Parizov, DSc. - South-West University - Blagoevgrad (Bulgaria)
Prof. Dr. Rositza Penkova - University of Sofia (Bulgaria)
Prof. Dr. Eliana Pencheva - Institute for Population and Human Studies (Bulgaria)
Prof. Dr. Manfred Prenzel - School of Education-Technische Universitaet Muenchen (Germany)
Prof. Dr. Natalya Ryzhova – Moscow City University (Russia)
Prof. Dr. Petar Sotirov – Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin (Poland)
Prof. Nicolaos Terzis – Aristotle University – Thessaloniki (Greece)
Dr. Mariya Fartunova, Assoc. Prof. - Ministry of Education and Science (Bulgaria)
Prof. Dr.Galin Tzokov - University of Plovdiv (Bulgaria)
Prof. Dr. Gary Schnellert – University of North Dakota (USA)
Dr. Sedat Yuksel, Assoc. Prof. – Uludag University (Turkey)