Subject(s): Geography, Regional studies
Frequency: 1 issues
Print ISSN: 1583-1469
Online-ISSN: 2343-7391
Status: Active

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Short Description

GEOREVIEW journal is a continuation and, at the same time, an update of the scientific journal Annals of University "Stefan cel Mare" Geography Series, established in 1992. Since 2013 this publication began to appear in a format new display in English, received the name of GEOREVIEW. Substantial changes to the form and substance led to increased visibility nationally, but especially internationally.  Its main objective is the presentation of recent interdisciplinary field geoscience (earth and life sciences) focusing mainly on the Carpatho-Balkan (Central and East Europe), but without limiting it. Access to full manuscripts of works published in GEOREVIEW is free (open-access journal) for anyone wishing to consult the articles published in this journal. The journal has a younger and dynamic management structure, a new design, an editorial board that includes distinguished scientists of international stature in the earth sciences and collaborations with several journals at home and abroad. Moreover, GEOREVIEW journal is part of a multifunctional online platform, which in addition to the reserved area magazine, also includes the section dedicated to scientific events organized under the aegis of or in conjunction with this journal. Therefore, from 2012 to the present, the magazine GEOREVIEW was involved (financial and logistical) in organizing the 4th international conference, after which published a series of articles in three issues of the journal.