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Translation Studies: Retrospective and Prospective Views
Translation Studies: Retrospective and Prospective Views

Publishing House: Editura Casa Cărții de Știință
Subject(s): Philology, Translation Studies
Frequency: 1 issues
Print ISSN: 2065-3514
Status: Active

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Short Description

The journal is intended to provide an academic forum for productive discussion involving professional and would-be translators, academics, teachers, master and PhD students who are interested in disseminating the results of their research work. It includes articles by specialists from partner universities, doctoral schools and academic research centres, as well as relevant work authored by the members of our own academic staff. A book review section is added to round up the collection. The selection of papers actually reflects the format and the objectives of the long-established tradition of translation research carried out in the Department of English, Faculty of Letters, “Dunărea de Jos” University of Galati.