Publishing House: Asociația pentru Promovarea Spiritului Antreprenorial
Subject(s): Economy
Frequency: 2 issues
Print ISSN: 2360-1973
Status: Later issues not available

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Short Description

We propose creation of a research framework and open communication of ideas of social and human sciences, mainly for economic research in the field, able to develop for public interest work that could contribute to human progress in a stage where shortages resources, institutional inefficiency and citizen confusion are required action and involvement.

In order to achieve these objectives and to support our actions, both in the editorial committee and the people who want to share some of the research journal and own reflections, we require support to participate in the magazine, with articles and studies that we propose for publication in the following areas: institutionalism and public policy, economic and social policy, the environment, education and educational policy, management, marketing, social economic.

The journal enjoys the involvement of a group of professionals from home and abroad to administer properly the biannual appearances, participation in various scientific events and conferences.