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Obrana a strategie
Defence and Strategy

Publishing House: Univerzita obrany
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences
Frequency: 2 issues
Print ISSN: 1214-6463
Status: Active

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Short Description

The area of security and strategic studies is an exceptionally important part of the social scientific research. Questions of defence and security have been gradually gaining focus of professional as well as laic public. The Defence & Strategy journal aims to answer the growing demand for expert information from this area. The reviewed journal Defence & Strategy is published since 2001 and concentrates on security and strategic studies, military art, international relations and other related topics. It is published by University of Defence, a military university run by the state with a long tradition of scientific research in the area of defence and security and cooperation with their partners of civilian universities and other renowned professional places in the Czech Republic and abroad. The journal is designed for contributors and readers who are professionally interested in the area of security and defence: security experts, members of military forces, academic workers and students of related subjects (security and strategic studies, international relations, political science, etc.), and other interested individuals from the Czech and international security community. The goal of publishing the journal is providing space for presentation and exchange of the latest professional knowledge of local and international origin in the area of security and strategic studies, creating a channel for increased mutual communication and exchange of information between the military environment and the civilian security community, and cultivating the professional debate on topics related to defence and strategy. We accept articles, contributions to discussions, reviews and information materials relevant to the above described subject fields for publishing. We accept contributions in Czech, Slovak or English. All articles contain an abstract in English as standard. Since 2007, all received articles are subject to a peer review, which consists of a selective approval process performed anonymously by the Editorial Board as the first round and an anonymous review typically provided by two expert reviewers, in the second round. The journal is published twice a year in a printed and online version (, always on 15th June and 15th December. It is distributed within the defence department framework, to selected institutions of the state administration in the Czech Republic, local and foreign universities and colleges, research institutions, libraries and other partners. Deadlines of individual issues are always on 31st March and 15th October each year. On the 20 June, 2008, the Defence and Strategy journal was added to the List of non-impacted, reviewed periodicals released in the Czech Republic by decision of the Research and Development Council, an advisory body to the Government of the Czech Republic. The journal is registered by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic as MK ČR E 16787 and Czech National ISSN Centre under ISSN 1214-6463 (print) and ISSN 1802-7199 (on-line). It is a member of the Publishers International Linking Association (CrossRef/PILA), registered digital object identifier - doi:10.3849/1802-7199.