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Юридически сборник
Journal of Legal Studies

Publishing House: Бургаски свободен университет
Subject(s): Law, Constitution, Jurisprudence
Frequency: 1 issues
Print ISSN: 1311-3771
Status: Active

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Short Description

The JOURNAL OF LEGAL STUDIES  is issued by the Faculty of Legal Studies at Burgas Free University

The Mission of the JOURNAL OF LEGAL STUDIES is to be a forum for discussions on current topics both from the legal theory and practice, where original ideas and profound scientific research can be presented. The journal is designed not only to introduce the work and achievements of the academics at Burgas Free University to the legal community, but it is also open for the publication of significant research papers by scientists from other universities and practicing lawyers, which makes it an edition of national importance.

The aim of the JOURNAL OF LEGAL STUDIES is to establish itself as a forum for serious and original legal knowledge. Searching to present the most significant and discussed topics in research, the journal strives to introduce the wide variety of views in the different areas of law, to analyse the most significant changes in society and law and to create practically applicable solutions.
The main principle of the Journal is to encourage the dialogues between different scientific communities and research areas and is geared  towards searching for new scientific truths and prioritizing academic originality.

The scope of the Journal: The journal is designed for scientists, university lecturers, students of Law and Public Administration, practising lawyers.

Editorial board


Editor in Chief:
Prof. Dr. Silvi Chernev

Chief Assist. Prof. Krassimir Moutafov , PhD

Prof Dr. Simeon Tasev
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Svetla Margaritova - Vuchkova
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Maria Neikova

Techical Secretary:
Vanya Abadjieva
Technical preparation and print:
Ivelina Mateva

Prof. Dr. Momyana Guneva
Prof. Dr. Silvi Chernev
Prof. Dr. Alexander Vodenicharov
Prof. Dr. Vesselin Tsankov
Prof Dr. Polya Goleva
Prof. Dr. Margarita Chinova
Prof. Dr. Kostadin Bobev
Prf. Dr. Hristina Balabanova, Dean of the Faculty of Law, UNWE
Prof. Dr. Boris Velchev, Member of the Constitutional Court
Prof. Dr. Sc. Vladimir Komissarov, Head of the Department of Criminal Law, Moscow State University
Prof. Dr.Michael Geistlinger, Public International Law, Faculty of Law -University of Salzburg, Austria
Prof. Dr. Bashkim Rama,Professor of International Relations and Political Sciences at the International University of Struga, Macedonia and the University of Tirana, Albania