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Publishing House: Централна библиотека на Българската академия на науките
Subject(s): History, Social Sciences, Language and Literature Studies, Library and Information Science
Frequency: 2 issues
ISSN: 1311-8544
Status: Active

  • 2011
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Short Description

The periodical “Българистика / Bulgarica” ​​is published twice a year by the Council of Bulgarian Studies Abroad with a cooperation of the Central Library of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The aim of the journal is to disseminate updated bibliography for Bulgarian studies and to activate connections between the Bulgarian scientific institutions on the one hand and Bulgarian studies abroad on the other. The journal “Bulgarica” is distributed by the Central Library of BAS through international book exchange and on-demand in a number of foreign universities, research institutions and libraries.

Mandatory sections are:
- "Bulgarian literature" – contains records of books by Bulgarian authors (referenced list with complete bibliographic data), and the content of the main Bulgarian scientific journals in linguistics, literature, history, folklore, ethnography, archeology and art studies.
- Section “Outlooks” includes overviews of the current state of Bulgarian studies in Europe, America and Asia.
- Under the heading "Profiles" are noted the anniversaries of eminent scholars contributed to the development of Bulgarian Studies.
- The publication contains a complete list of defended theses and data about scientific conferences.
- Under the heading “Reviews” are published reviews of monographs and collections.
- The section “Scientific Activity” provides information about national and international scientific forums.
- The “Messages” encompasses information about the scholars awarded by BAS.

The language of the periodical is Bulgarian, with contents and annotation in English.