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Belarusian Political Science Review
Belarusian Political Science Review

Publishing House: Палітычная сфера
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences
Frequency: irregular and other
Print ISSN: 2029-8676
Status: Later issues not available

  • 2011
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  • 2015
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Short Description

The idea of the Journal was formulated by Belarusian community of political scientists and analysts in 2010. It is conceived as an independent academic initiative. BPSReview was founded by the Consortium of Belarusian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian and Latvian organizations, bringing together the experience of a broad academic community and institutions devoted to promoting and advancing research in political science and political analysis. Belarusian Political Science Review is a peer-reviewed political science periodical that serves as an interdisciplinary publication for research papers from various subfields of political science. The publication aims to meet the needs of a broader academic community in scientific enquiry on Belarusian politics and politics of Eastern and Central Europe. The Journal publishes research materials on all key topics and related to all approaches of political science without any methodological restrictions except for reasonable scholar criteria. The regional focus of the Journal is Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Latvia and Estonia. General editorial policy: The contents of the Review are to be compiled of the best articles published by Belarusian political and social scientists initially in Belarusian or Russian through a year. The articles shall be initially proposed by members of the Academic Board or any well- known scholars or analysts. The rest of the contents are to be chosen through procedure of a general open Call for Papers. Founder: Institute of Political Studies Political Sphere (Vilnius-Minsk, Lithuania-Belarus)