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In terms of how it all started, there are too many different versions. Was the inspiration Tito (poetry night at the Pavarotti Center) or Aleksa Santic (a couch in Mladi Most). Or maybe the surface of the table in "Fjaka"? However, there is one thesis and almost everyone agrees with it: that the "Alternative Institute" and "Kolaps" are children of a Polish father and beer mother. The Polish father was not Andy Warhol. These people were Marko, Nedim, Meša, and a few more lost souls: Arma, Mili, Toca, Ilvana (Hi Ilvana!). What do we need Lou or Patti for?! Yes, that's right - we often felt like on this picture to the left or like in "The life of a Bohemian" by Kaurasmak. We argued about who's better or worse: Bukowski, Miller, Cišic or Szopa. Some sort of Satanist was there, he stole my Iggy Pop CD. We filled our heart like ashtrays - and some girl kept emptying them… We dreamt of Paris and Barcelona. We wrote. We read. Many pages. On each page. Once Marko attacked me with a knife, fuck it, it was morning. The night before we had a strange situation, him, me, Mehmed, Džana, Nedim, Šejla, all of us in a room and nothing was happening… A lot has happened since Kolaps is an unusual magazine These are not works that have been copied from somewhere else and then published People that write here (or at least the majority of them) grew together with this tiny book Others helped us with it Some of them are no longer with us Some of them don't write anymore But they all left something behind It's recommended for the emotional people who can't stand any crap and theories