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Social Perspectives

Publishing House: Centar za društvena istraživanja
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences, Social Sciences, Economy, Law, Constitution, Jurisprudence
Frequency: 2 issues
Print ISSN: 2303-5706
Status: Later issues not available

  • 2013
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • Issue No. 1/1
  • Issue No. 2/1
  • Issue No. 1/2
  • Issue No. 2/2
  • Issue No. 1/3
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Short Description

The journal „Social Perspectives“ aims to advancement of scientific research in the field of legal and other related social sciences, and is intended for all who are involved in research, offering them a place of meeting, bonding, bridging different views and opinions and leaving space for joint action. Taking into account the specific legal system of Bosnia and Herzegovina, particularly in terms of approaching the Euro-Atlantic integration, the journal aims to overcome difficulties with which our country has faced along the way, and finding possible solutions both in terms of theoretical notions, and in practical terms. In addition, the importance of the journal is reflected in the possibility of dialogue on a level across the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond, and strives to establish a unified scientific research area of an international character. This led the Editorial Committee to filter and select future issues of the journal by thematic units, or by current legal issues with which Bosnia and Herzegovina is faced in the process of EU accession.

Editorial board

Éditor in Chief: Prof. dr. Abedin Bikić (Law Faculty, Sarajevo University)

International editorial Board:
Prof. dr Teoman Duman (International Burch University, Ilidža), Prof. dr Jusuf Büyükay (Fatih University, Istanbul), Doc. dr Engin Karabulut (Fatih University, Istanbul), Doc. dr Vesna Baltazarević (Megatrend University, Belgrade)

Editorial Board:
Prof. dr Hajrija Sijerčić-Čolić (Law Faculty, Sarajevo University), Prof. dr Suzana Bubić (Law Faculty, Mostar University), Prof. dr Enes Hašić (Law Faculty, Zenica University), Prof. dr Nevzet Veladžić (Law Faculty, Bihac University), Doc. dr Zlatan Meškić (Law Faculty, Zenica University), Doc. dr Maja Čolaković (Law Faculty, Mostar University), Doc. dr Hamid Mutapčić (Pravni fakultet Tuzla), Doc. dr Zlatan Begić (Law Faculty, Tuzla University), Doc. dr Šukrija Bakšić (Law Faculty, Zenica University), Doc. dr Haris Halilović (Faculty for Criminalistic and Security Studies, Sarajevo), Mr. sci. Almedina Šabić (Law Faculty, Sarajevo University jevo), Mr. sci. Esad Oruč (International Burch University, Ilidža).

Executive Editors:
Elvir Čolak (International Burch University, Ilidža)
Mensur Zoletić (International Burch University, Ilidža)
Senahid Kahteran (International Burch University, Ilidža)