№08 Kosovo 2020: A Complex Agenda for the New Government Cover Image

№08 Kosovo 2020: A Complex Agenda for the New Government
№08 Kosovo 2020: A Complex Agenda for the New Government

Author(s): Author Not Specified
Subject(s): Governance, Economic policy, Welfare systems, Corruption - Transparency - Anti-Corruption
Published by: BPRG Balkans Policy Research Group
Keywords: Kosovo election 2019; Albin Kurti; Vetëvendosje; Kosovo economy; Kosovo education system; Kosovo healthcare system;
Summary/Abstract: The new government that takes office, whatever its colour will inherit a long list of issues from its predecessor. Dysfunctional healthcare and education systems, an untaxed shadow economy, a slow and often ineffective judiciary, weak public administration all require major interventions. The failure of public services is graphically illustrated with the high number of patients being treated abroad and the regular enrolment of politicians’ children in private and international schools.17 To further complicate the matter, despite the generally cordial campaign that preceded the elections, relations between key political actors remain tense; leaders do not trust each other and basic norms of cooperation between actors are still missing. That is especially true for the case of Albin Kurti, the leader of Vetëvendosje, who has spent much of his time in opposition (and before that, as an activist) attacking other parties, including his current potential partner LDK. If Kurti aims to secure the premiership and stay in power he will have to build some relations with both his coalition partner and the opposition, with whom he never tried to reconcile. Any new government will have to create a favourable climate to enact the promised reforms. In the case of Kurti, especially, that would entail making a U-turn and engaging with the opposition from day one. These priorities for the new government listed in this report do not intend to be comprehensive, but to present an outline of the more pressing issues the government will need to work on to ensure progress is made. The composition of the government, domestic politics and international developments can also influence how a priority is defined. Yet, these issues require careful attention and will not disappear from the public agenda in the short term.

  • Page Count: 40
  • Publication Year: 2019
  • Language: English