State of the Country - REPUBLIC of MOLDOWA 2015 Cover Image

State of the Country - REPUBLIC of MOLDOWA 2015
State of the Country - REPUBLIC of MOLDOWA 2015

Author(s): Adrian Lupuşor, Alexandru Fală, Ana Popa, Denis Cenusa, Iurie Morcotilo, Valeriu Prohniţchi
Subject(s): National Economy, Social development, Family and social welfare, Economic development
Published by: EXPERT-GRUP Centrul Analitic Independent
Summary/Abstract: Currently, Republic of Moldova deals with arguably the biggest challenge to its economic security since proclaiming the independence in 1991. The endemic corruption, oligarchization of state institutions, presence of suspicious foreign capital in the country’s financial sector and vulnerability of the decision-making process of governance, when it comes to lobby actions that are almost crossing the line of what is deemed legal, are the most weighty risks that exacerbate the country’s natural weaknesses. The State of Country Report 2015 has been launched by Expert-Grup together with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung at the MACRO 2015 Annual Conference.

  • Page Count: 50
  • Publication Year: 2015
  • Language: English