China on the Hong Kong Protests: 2 Scenarios Cover Image

China on the Hong Kong Protests: 2 Scenarios
China on the Hong Kong Protests: 2 Scenarios

Author(s): Marcin Przychodniak
Subject(s): International Law, Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Civil Society, Government/Political systems, Politics and society, Sociology of Politics
Published by: Polski Instytut Spraw Międzynarodowych
Keywords: People’s Republic of China; Hong Kong protests; demonstrations; radicalisation of protests; civil society; local authorities; violation of international law; police brutality;
Summary/Abstract: The radicalisation of the protests in Hong Kong has destabilised its economy and public life. This contradicts Chinese Communist Party (CCP) propaganda of a region that since 1997 has successfully reunited with China. The Chinese authorities have not rejected the use of military force on the streets of Hong Kong but first will try to take control of the situation through the local authorities, who have reduced the freedom of assembly and authorised brutal actions by police. These measures break the resolution in the Sino-British declaration of 1984 and are violations of international law. If the situation in Hong Kong deteriorates further, the EU will be forced to take a more determined position.

  • Page Count: 2
  • Publication Year: 2019
  • Language: English