Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosicrucianus of 1459. Cover Image
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Чаробна Свадба Кристијана Розенкројца Лета Господњег 1459.
Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosicrucianus of 1459.

Author(s): John Valentin Andreae
Subject(s): Philosophy, Theology and Religion
Published by: CEEOL Collections / Digital Reproductions
Summary/Abstract: We bring to the translation this interesting work by the German poet John Valentin Andreae (1586-1654) - The title actually says "Himiska wedding", but as today the word "himiska" can only be reminiscent of chemistry or ancient alchemy, which is far from its dull and hidden meaning in the title, it has seemed better to translate it vegetable as " magical ”. - The Himish Wedding is a work of deep mysticism and occultism from the beginning of the new century. It describes the path of consecration. The work is divided into seven "days", which take the experience of Christian Rozenkroitz ("Christoph Rose", the legendary founder of the Rosicrucian Brotherhood) at a "heavenly wedding". (Translator's note.) The text has been published in the issue 112, January/February 1941, of the journal » Upoznaj sebe «. This journal (english title: „Get to know yourself“) has been an anthroposophic journal published in the 1930s Yugoslavia.

  • Page Count: 7
  • Publication Year: 1941
  • Language: Serbian