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My Voice Echoes...
My Voice Echoes...

Author(s): Masha Durkalić
Contributor(s): Merisa Bašić (Photographer)
Subject(s): Gender Studies, Evaluation research, Studies in violence and power, Family and social welfare, Rural and urban sociology, Victimology, Ethnic Minorities Studies
Published by: Fondacija CURE
Keywords: Women with disabilities; Social isolation; Rural women; Gender fluid women; lesbian women; Roma women;
Summary/Abstract: Taking into consideration that I am a journalist/writer, while thinking about life on the margin, my first association is always that margin in Microsoft Word, which I see even while writing this, that moves as needed so the whole text could fall into one place as I prefer. Although the association is very banal its comparability with reality is unquestionable. If we imagine society as a blank sheet of paper written on every day and if we identify the inability to move the margin with the lack of will of those who are writing on that page to do so, it is easy to understand why marginalized groups in our society are in the position they are in - a position of poverty, discrimination, rejection and social exclusion. It is obvious – the (privileged) part of society does not want them to be on the inside of the margin where they let them exist.

  • Page Count: 140
  • Publication Year: 2015
  • Language: English