№167: The Importance of Russia’s Second-Generation Elite Cover Image

№167: The Importance of Russia’s Second-Generation Elite
№167: The Importance of Russia’s Second-Generation Elite

Author(s): Bartosz Bieliszczuk, Agnieszka Legucka
Subject(s): Civil Society, Government/Political systems, Politics and society, Demography and human biology, Sociology of Politics
Published by: PISM Polski Instytut Spraw Międzynarodowych
Keywords: Russian Federation; young generation of Russian leaders; Russian elites; political system; second-generation elite;
Summary/Abstract: The appointment of Dmitry Patrushev, the son of the Secretary of the Security Council of Russia, to a ministerial post is a symbol of the ongoing shift of power to a younger generation of Russian leaders. A growing group of so-called “Kremlin Kids” hold significant, even though not visible, positions in the power structures, enabling Russian elites to maintain influence and control through personal and family links. Such a controlled transition will augment a political system that has the features of a kleptocracy and clan-like organisation. For Western countries, it is a signal that Russia’s strategic goal of enforcing the change in the European security system will be continued.

  • Page Count: 6
  • Publication Year: 2018
  • Language: English