Prisons in Serbia (July – October, 2010) Cover Image

Prisons in Serbia (July – October, 2010)
Prisons in Serbia (July – October, 2010)

Author(s): Marija Jelić, Gordana Lukić-Samardžija, Ljiljana Palibrk, Ivan Kuzminović
Subject(s): Gender Studies, Criminal Law, Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Security and defense, Social development, Studies in violence and power, Health and medicine and law, Present Times (2010 - today), Social Norms / Social Control, Penal Policy
Published by: Helsinški odbor za ljudska prava u Srbiji
Keywords: Požarevac penitentiary; reformatory for women; quality and conditions of life; security; legality of the prison regime; re-socialization; contact with the outside world; institutional personnel; special prison hospital; county prison in Novi Sad;
Summary/Abstract: The team of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia (HCHRS) has always paid particular attention to the Penitentiary-Reformatory for Women in Požarevac given that it is the only institution in Serbia for women under sentence, with numerous specificities this entails. Having in mind the reports on previous visits, it can be concluded that the prison conditions are still far from adequate, although steps have been taken regarding the maintenance and renovation of this institution. Certain parts of the prison are decently adapted and furnished given that these activities are funded by modest working capital, however the majority of accommodation facilities remain in need of urgent transformation. This refers to an entire wing of the prison ward in particular, as well as to the numerous premises used both by the prisoners and the staff. It should be noted that some of the buildings of the Penitentiary-Reformatory for Women in Požarevac are among the oldest in the system of the execution of criminal sanctions of the Republic of Serbia. The main building was built 136 years ago, and has since been considerably reconstructed twice (in 1911 and 1971).

  • Page Count: 70
  • Publication Year: 2011
  • Language: English