How to avoid the EU Fatigue towards Moldova? Cover Image

How to avoid the EU Fatigue towards Moldova?
How to avoid the EU Fatigue towards Moldova?

Author(s): Leonid Litră
Subject(s): International relations/trade, EU-Accession / EU-DEvelopment
Published by: IDIS VIITORUL Institutul pentru Dezoltare şi Initiative Sociale
Keywords: Moldova EU-Accession;
Summary/Abstract: Two years ago, any political discussion in Moldova or between the Moldova’s Western partners could be summarized to one question: Moldova quo vadis? Moldova was really at the crossroads. But nowadays it is perceived as the main success story within the Eastern Partnership. Indeed, Moldova has had remarkable achievements in the foreign policy since the AIE (Alliance for European Integration) came to power. However, Moldova is not yet a success story but has the potential to become one. The greatest challenge facing Chisinau in terms of its leader status within the Eastern Partnership and of the EU trust is to meet the EU expectations by concrete reforms. What the Republic of Moldova has to offer so far look more like beginnings of reforms than durable and consolidated reforms. But when the gap between the foreign policy successes and the modest progresses in the internal changes becomes too large, Moldova’s image as a success story can burst like a soap bubble. This risk is not inevitable, but it still exists. Both Ukraine and Georgia have passed through this experience of bubble bursts.

  • Page Count: 5
  • Publication Year: 2011
  • Language: English