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Transparency of the Security Sector in Macedonia
Transparency of the Security Sector in Macedonia

Author(s): Andreja Bogdanovski, Cvete Koneska
Subject(s): Civil Society, Public Administration, Public Law, Security and defense, Corruption - Transparency - Anti-Corruption
Published by: Аналитика Тинк-тенк Организација
Keywords: North Macedonia; security sector; transparency; access to information of public importance; protection of private data; protection of classified information; public administration;
Summary/Abstract: The main finding of the research suggests that, normatively speaking, all three areas (access to information, protection of classified data and protection of personal data) have appropriate laws which are further operationalised into secondary legislation and that there is no major disharmony between them. A feature of all three is the establishment of commissions/directorates tasked with following the implementation of the laws. As such they report irregularities and act upon them while affirming the benefits of these laws and the obligations of security institutions among the wider public. All have adequate competences which give them solid ground to monitor and act upon irregularities. In practice, sanctioning remains sporadic as a result of the novelty these legal solutions bring. In the case of free access to information, the time required for full adoption and recognition of this public right by state institutions has been considerable. A possible role model is the Directorate for Security of Classified Information, where regular inspections are taking place.

  • Page Count: 55
  • Publication Year: 2012
  • Language: English