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Introducing Career-Based System in Civil Service
Introducing Career-Based System in Civil Service

Author(s): Specified No Author
Subject(s): Governance, Public Administration, Management and complex organizations, Human Resources in Economy
Published by: Analytica
Keywords: North Macedonia; public administration; civil servants; human resources; career-based civil service; position-based civil service; reforms; reforming administration; Law of Civil Servants;
Summary/Abstract: The latest European Commission Progress Report on Macedonia, once again pointed out the importance of pursuing thorough public administration reforms in the country. The EC explicitly demands that before starting accession negotiations, Macedonia should intensively pursue public administration reforms with the focus on de-politicization of recruitment and advancement in the civil service. Evidently, this progress report raises some critical issues concerning Macedonia’s public administration (PA) which was not the case in previous reports. Inefficiency, corruption and politicization of PA have been identified as obstacles of overall quality of reforms. Because of this, many believed that reforms in PA shall continue with a fresh enthusiasm and tackle the deep-rooted malformations of the system and head for fundamental systematic change. Understandably, actions aimed for systematic change require decisiveness and sometimes even controversial overhaul of the civil service that suppose to determine its new image. New policy discussion for changes in the Law on Civil Servants aimed at replacing the “position based” with “career based” civil service system is contributing in achieving the fundamental systematic change in the civil service. Although the policy discussion has been on agenda for some time, we suggest that career based approach should be discussed further, and once a new momentum is established conducive for needed reform, the issue is pursued and finalised by the governing authorities.

  • Page Count: 6
  • Publication Year: 2008
  • Language: English